Estate planning

Remember your Library in your will

All gifts and bequests to our Library will make a significant difference to the ability of the AVRL and our local library branch to continue to serve our community in the future.

More information on how to make donations to support the library is available from the Library Desk, and on the Annapolis Royal Library web page at <>.

Significant financial gifts to the Town, the Friends of the Library or the AVRL to support our local library all qualify as charitable donations for tax purposes.

How do I direct my Gift?

The Library can be supported in several ways. Before making a major gift or bequest, do your research, think carefully about how you want to help out, and discuss your options with your legal advisor.

Books, Programs and Specific Services for the Library

If you wish your gift or bequest to be used to purchase books or to fund specific programs, direct your donation to the AVRL. Contact the AVRL office (1-866-922-0229) to discuss how best to direct your gift.

More Space for our local Annapolis Royal Library

If you wish your gift to be used to help the Annapolis Royal Library expand its space, contact the Friends of the Library group (1-902-532-2226) or the Town of Annapolis Royal (1-902-3146) for information about making a contribution to the Library Expansion project.

Thank you for your support.