A bit of history about the Annapolis Royal Library by Linda Moffatt:

  • The Annapolis Royal Library was the first public Library in the Annapolis Valley, established during WW 2 at the Legion, and then after the war, moved to the Blue house next to the Academy—where it became the headquarters of the growing AVRL system over the next forty years.
  • In the 1993-94 period the AVRL headquarters, in need of more space, moved to the old Distillery Building in Bridgetown and the AR Library moved into the old Fire Hall (garage) at the back of the Town Hall.  Phil Roberts and Anne Esslinger were part of the first Friends of the Library group that raised funds locally for the renovation of the Fire Hall.
  • The current FOL group started in the spring of 2008.“A group of twelve Annapolis Royal Library users came together on April 30th last year (2008) to consider whether it was time to re-activate a Friends of the Library group to support our local library branch of the AVRL system.”

How Our Library Works

The Annapolis Royal Library is a joint operation of
the Town of Annapolis Royal (AR) and the Annapolis Valley Regional Library (AVRL).
The Town provides housing for the Library and pays for all the operating costs of the library (e.g. rent, heat, light, furnishings, and maintenance).
The AVRL is a provincial body which provides all Library staff, books, computers, bookmobile and special programming materials for the 11 libraries in Annapolis and Kings counties.

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Annapolis Valley Regional Library Website

AVRL Annual Report for 2018-19
AVRL Annual Report for 2016-17
AVRL Financial Statement for 2016-17

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AVRL policy on Friends of the Library
AVRL Friends Policy

AVRL suggestions for a successful friends group

  • A committed core group must exist.
  • The regional librarian and library board must want a friends group.
  • Staff must be willing to work with Friends.
  • All parties must realize the time commitment involved.
  • Since municipalities/towns are responsible for the actual library buildings and their maintenance (heat, lights, telephone, etc.), a co-operative relationship between Friends and their municipal/town unit should exist. Often this is accomplished by working with the library board representative who is appointed by that unit. This relationship is especially crucial when projects such as fund-raising for new buildings, renovation or expansion are undertaken.
  • The library and the Friends group must agree on specific issues such as meeting spaces, staff time, paper, phone calls, etc.
  • The library and the Friends group must agree on roles and objectives.
  • All those involved must understand that “Friends”, as groups or individuals, cannot act as library trustees.
  • Communication between Friends and the Regional Library is vital to ensure success in their common goal of providing quality library service.