Association of Friends of the Annapolis Royal Library
Memorandum of Association

The name of the Society is Association of Friends of the Annapolis Royal Library

On a volunteer and non-profit basis the objective of the Society is:

• To support the improvement and expansion of services and programs offered by the Annapolis Royal Library branch.

To realize its objective, the Society may raise funds and:

o Acquire by way of grant, gift, purchase, bequest, devise or otherwise, real and personal property.
o Buy, own hold, lease, mortgage, sell and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary or desirable in the carrying out of the object of the Society;

Provided that:

o The society shall not carry on any trade, industry or business,
o All funds shall be used solely for the purposes of the Society and the promotion of its object,
o If the Society is terminated, wound up or dissolved and, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, there remains any property whatsoever, the same shall be paid to some other non-profit organization in Canada having objects similar to those of the Society.

Adopted by Association of Friends of the Annapolis Royal Library April 24, 2012
Submitted to Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Corporations, May 2012
Revision to original Memo of Association, 2008

FOL Bylaws approved at AGM Feb 2021



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